Your security and privacy is our main concern. To give you a full trust, we respect the following policies on our website and our software BIBI SPY:

Identity Security

When you buy our products, we never need to register your name, surname, address or any other information which could identify you personally. After purchasing, the only detail that we use to communicate with you is the e-mail address that you provided for your Web account ID. We won’t give your e-mail address to third parties.

Web Connection Security

We use your e-mail address to send you the activation codes, instructions and important warns. To ensure you receive your login information and instructions, please, make sure to setup your email provider, to allow all e-mails from the domain or check your spam folder.

Data Security

To ensure the total security of your data, we recommend that you download your data regularly and remove them from your account. Unless you ask us, we automatically delete all data older than 90 days. We don’t have any backup of your private data, and we cannot restore deleted files.