Decide if you require features that need root permission. If you do please root the device before continuing.

1. You must have a TARGET phone physically in your hand for installation.
2. The TARGET phone has internet access. This can be through Wifi, GPRS or 3G.
3. “Unknown Sources” function must be enabled.
4. Live Call Intercept requires conference call ability on the TARGET phone.
5. GPS must be enabled for Location Tracking.
6. If all the above complete please go on.

From your account Dashboard, click Account from the side menu. Now, click on the tab “INACTIVE”. Where it says “License key”, you will see your software activation code. Please write this down to activate your software during installation. See the picture below for example.




1. Get the phone in hand and open the phone’s web browser.
2. Type in the download URL “” into the phone’s browser. If platform of the phone can be detected by the software, you will be taken to step 4 automatically. If not, please follow step 3.




3. Tap Symbian.
4. Tap “OK” when the download process asks.
5. Tap “OK” when asked to install the application on to the TARGET phone.
6. Tap “Yes” when the security warning appears to continue installation.
7. When asked where to install the software choose “Phone memory”.




8. The software will be installed on the TARGET phone. If no progress occurs during this time, or if it is slow, check the TARGET phone internet connection. Note: If you have other applications open at the time of installation, the message below will appear. Tap “OK” to close the applications and start the installation.
9. Once done, you will see “Installation completed” on the screen and will be back at the web browser. Please close the TARGET phone browser and return to the main phone screen, then tap the “Call” button to enter the dialer.




10. When the TARGET phone dialer appears, enter *#900900900 and then press the dial button.




11. The software will open and the activation screen will appear. Tap the menu icon at the bottom right to access the software menu and activate the software.
12. From the menu that appears, tap “Activate Product”.
13. Enter the License Key or Activation Code that you received on your dashboard and then tap “Activate”.
14. The activation process will begin. If this fails or takes too long make sure the TARGET phone has a working internet connection and then try again. Activation cannot take place if the TARGET phone has no working internet connection during activation. Connection can be Wifi, GPRS or 3G.




Providing a working internet connection was found on the TARGET phone, the Activation successful screen should appear. This means the software has been successfully installed and activated on the TARGET phone, and is ready to be configured. To remain discreet, it is recommended to remove download URL ( from the phone’s web browsing history.

You have now completed the installation process for BIBI SPY.