Let me guess, you have other questions, right? Don’t worry, here you can find all the answers. After all, a program like ours is not easy to find. We offer a unique solution, capable of solving the problems for real. There aren’t fake promises or sci-fi features: you will be able to take the control of someone’s life. If you don’t find the answer you need, you can always contact our customer support, waiting for your questions every day of the week, 24H. Change your life: you only need a small download. BIBI SPY is the solution number one, as witnessed by many magazines.

Something about BIBI SPY

BIBI SPY is a spy software, able to keep under observation the entire family, employees or partners. Through this program, you will be able to intercept calls, GPS coordinates, conversations on social networks, passwords stored, block applications and see all the media.



How it work properly?
Easy! You just need to take the smartphone you want to follow and install the small patch, then it begins to work automatically. As next step, you just need to check your control panel from any browser, by entering a username and a password in order to consult all the intercepted material.



Does it work with Android and Apple?
Of course, but not only. It works with Nokia and BlackBerry as well. Some features may only be available for smartphones Apple and Android, with JB and Root pre-installed. You can consult the sections below to understand how to do them in a simple and fast way: in a minute, everything will be done. Do you have doubts about the smartphone on which you want to install BIBI SPY? Send us an email from the form below.
It could be identified?
Are you joking? We have worked hard to make this product totally anonymous. In fact, when installed, it will work in background, without giving any sign of his presence through icons or sounds. If an icon appears, you can decide whether to delete it or not: the operation won’t compromise its functions.
Does BIBI SPY work legally?
It is a legal software if used for backup. It will be possible to control partners, employees or members of your family, with their consent. A complete solution, able to give a safe and functional result, capable of giving back the serenity lost to anyone.
I have little time to check my computer
We have included the possibility of receiving dozens of reports. Don’t worry about the little time or any commitment who keeps you away from the computer for hours, days or weeks. You can control everything once back: BIBI SPY saves anything and you can access it during your free time.
Do you accept Bank Transfer and Pre-paid cards?
Certainly. You can pay with any pre-paid card, Visa, and Mastercard, or American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal account, check, uKash and more. Keep in mind that some payment methods, such as bank transfer, will take about four to five days to be validated by the system.
I have a shared account, which voice will appear?
Don’t worry about this. Everything will be anonymous and confidential. In fact, on your statement, you will see our company header and nothing else. This is to give you the security of not being found, avoiding any strange question.
How do I Root Android?
If you want to unlock every feature of BIBI SPY on Android, you need to run the Root process. To install it, in a very short time, you need to download Kingo Android Root on your computer, by going to this address and connecting your smartphone to your PC with USB cable. At this point, you need to open the program by clicking Root. Let the smartphone restarts few times and everything will be complete.
How do I Jailbreak Apple?
Don’t worry, the process on iOS is even simple. The jailbreak is a fully reversible process, through a simple system recovery. To start it, just click here and download the program according to the model of smartphone you want to install BIBI SPY.  Few minutes and everything will be ready.
Will I be refunded within 10 days?
If you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply contact our support team, indicating your customer number and the reason why you don’t want to continue with your subscription. This will help us to build step by step a better program, for every person in the world.
Can I install it remotely?
Unfortunately not. You can use any function of the program remotely, without having to expose yourself, but the first installation requires you to take the smartphone interested for a few minutes. Later, for any upgrade or cease the service, you won’t need the smartphone anymore. All the actions will be possible from your control panel.
How can I order BIBI SPY?
Nothing more simple: you need to click on the desired package below, selecting the version that suits your needs. Once the download is complete, you will receive your login credentials, which you need to start using all the features of our software for Android, iOS, Blackberry or Nokia.
Need more support?
Find our contact details:

Bibi way s.r.o.
Prikop 843/4 – 60200 – Brno
Czech Republic
Comany registration number: 02609231
VAT Number: CZ02609231
Telephone 24/7: +420776655539
Email address:


In this section, we tried to give you the answer to the most important questions we received. After all, we are talking about a unique product, able to go further the human limits. We love to remember our customers that BIBI SPY was not maiden in few months, but it’s the result of over ten years of work and planning, following the latest trends and technology innovations. The key to our success is the perseverance in our ideas. Do you want to know which problems exist in your family or with your partner? Often you need someone. Someone who is always present, who looks at our side every moment. A friend, a real friend. You can also decide how and how long to use it. There are not high cost, but you will pay a monthly basis, according to your needs. In this way, as soon you resolve your problem, you can decide whether to continue using BIBI SPY or not.

Problems would be part of your past.
29.95 euro 1 month
79.95 euro 3 months
  • Save WhatsApp chat
  • Save BlackBerry Messenger
  • Save Facebook messenger
  • Save Skype history
  • Intercept iMessage
  • Control the emails
  • Save photos and videos
  • Web page history
  • Application list
  • Tracking GPS
  • Map position reques
  • Change SIM alarm
  • Daily report
  • Control Panel

89.95 euro 1 month
149.95 euro 3 months
  • Discover the PIN
  • Find the passwords
  • Intercept the calls
  • Make spy calls
  • Record the spy calls
  • Record conversations
  • Function SMS Spoof
  • Take photos remotely
  • Save WhatsApp chat
  • Save BlackBerry Messenger
  • Save Facebook messenger
  • Save Skype history
  • Intercept iMessage
  • Read every MMS
  • Control the emails
  • Save the address book
  • Save photos
  • Check her videos
  • Web page history
  • Application list
  • Tracking GPS
  • Map position request
  • Not detectable
  • Block unwelcome apps
  • Exclusive support
  • Act like a real spy
  • Change SIM alarm
  • Daily report
  • Control Panel
  • Exclusive updates

We are offering this software in two versions. Both were maiden at the same time, following the needs of our customers. We always listened to every suggestion, in order to make BIBI SPY a product for every person. The PROFESSIONAL version was created for those who are looking for a fast and reliable solution, counting over 160 functions, working remotely. Then, we made the LIGHT version of the software, with a lower number of functions included, perfect for the cases who don’t require rush. Furthermore, they’ll work despite the monitored person will live abroad or outside the national borders. Incredible, isn’t it?

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If you are not satisfied with BIBI SPY within 14 days of your purchase date, you’ll be entitled to a total refund of the amount spent. Are you having any problem during your trial period? No problem: we’ll extend the trial duration since the problem won’t be solved by our support team. All the functions will be available during the trial, without any limitation. Check it out immediately or send us a message to know more about out software.