According to the latest statistics, seven out of ten companies, suffer from information leaks and thefts from their employees. Often, closer people are the ones most dangerous, and our customers know it very well. They understood the risk is everywhere, no matter the dimension of your company. Data, cash or goods are easy to steal for an employee, bringing consequences with time, who could lead your business to close. BIBI SPY is a personal weapon maiden to prevent any loss by controlling your employees. Install the software on our company phones, everything will be recorded on your private PC console. The faster and easier solution to bring your company back on the market, without fears and money-stealer. Grab your packet today.

Companies with hundreds of employees have given us the security of their data and success. Do you now which are the riskiest factors of any business? Employees. Thanks to our company solution, you will be able to control each person, installing our software on their personal or company smartphone. You won’t be left alone with your problems: count on us and take your performance to the top.

Do you have a small shop? It means that money is more accessible, due to the close contact with goods and customers. Although you may feeling extraneous from theft and espionage, this is a much more common reality of what you think. Get rid of any doubt, with a small cost, with the confidence to operate anonymously and without any risk. Our solution? It’s called BIBI SPY.

Do you wonder which is the added value of teaming up with us? The security of having an experienced partner, who won’t left you in trouble. Stop waiting for problems: prevent them, before it’s too late and damages will come. We believe that prevention is the cure for any loss, for both, big and small business. Stop waiting for the answers, play one step forward the others.

We created a customized package, for those who want to protect their own interests. BIBI SPY for companies is offered as a system for personal protection, highly recommended for those who need full control. You can check e-mails exchanged, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and WhatsApp, conversations on social networks and media. Do you lose any client recently? You are not alone. Our team of experts will be always available to provide help, ready to assist you anytime. We use the latest technology to offer a high standard service. Each of the 160 functions of BIBI SPY has been studied for a reason. During the years, we have created a small weapon, tailored small and big companies.


That’s right, take the reins of your company, right now. Big or small, you have the duty and right to offer the best for you and your family, through a targeted control, against any harmful activities. Do you think to know every employee working for you? Due to our experience, we don’t think so. We see everyday companies fail due to them employers. BIBI SPY is a remedy. By installing it on the personal or business phone of your employees, you will be able to monitor everything, calls, email, social networks, WhatsApp and photos, sent and received. A simple shortcut to solve your problems fast. Lack of money from your store? Are you noticing some missing good in the warehouse? Every aspect of our program is designed to offer an untraceable solution, tested for over ten years. Team up with BIBI SPY, to ensure the best protection to your business. Discover the fantastic offers we have for you, several packages for multiple installations of our software.

Manage your interests with BIBI SPY.

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If you are not satisfied with BIBI SPY within 14 days of your purchase date, you’ll be entitled to a total refund of the amount spent. Are you having any problem during your trial period? No problem: we’ll extend the trial duration since the problem won’t be solved by our support team. All the functions will be available during the trial, without any limitation. Check it out immediately or send us a message to know more about out software.