Decide if you require features that need root permission. If you do please root the device before continuing.

1. You must have a TARGET phone physically in your hand for installation.
2. The TARGET phone has internet access. This can be through Wifi, GPRS or 3G.
3. “Unknown Sources” function must be enabled.
4. Live Call Intercept requires conference call ability on the TARGET phone.
5. GPS must be enabled for Location Tracking.
6. If all the above complete please go on.

From your account Dashboard, click ‘Login’ from the side menu. Now, click on the tab “INACTIVE”. Where it says “License key”, you will see your software activation code. Please write this down to activate your software during installation. See the picture below for example.


All of these installation steps are performed entirely on the TARGET device itself. We are using iPhone/iPad firmware version 6.1 as an example. For TARGET devices running earlier or later versions of the operating system, these steps may be slightly different.


1) Go to Cydia (If you don’t have Cydia, you need to Jailbreak the device to get it).


2) Tap Sources from the menu at the bottom.


3) Tap Edit.


4) Tap Add.


5) Enter “” and tap Add Source.


6) Tap Return to Cydia.


7) Tap on the Cydia URL that we just entered which is


8) Tap Utilities.


9) Tap System Core application.


10) Tap Install.


11) Tap Confirm.

12) Tap Restart SpringBoard.


13) After restarting springboard, the phone screen may be locked. Please unlock it and wait for 15 seconds. The activation screen will appear automatically. Enter your Activation Code: XXXX and tap “OK”.


13B) If the activation screen does not appear automatically, do not worry. Look for “Phone Monitor” icon on the phone, tap on the icon to bring the screen up, enter your Activation Code XXXX and tap “Activate” to activate software on it.


14) At this stage, if you go back to Cydia, you will see below screen. This is a part of our stealth process to hide our application inside Cydia. Please follow the rest of the instruction to hide Cydia icon on the phone for complete stealth.


15) As soon as you see “Activation Success!” software is now activated on the device and ready to use. Tap “Ok” to continue.


16) You will be asked to choose whether you would like the software to be visible on the phone. If you choose “Yes”, the phone user will see “Phone Monitor” icon on the screen. If you choose “No”, the software will be hidden. This will not affect the software functionality in any way.


17A) After choosing the software’s visibility, tap System Core at the top left hand side to go back to the software’s settings screen. If you’re out of the settings screen by accident but you leave the software’s icon (Phone Monitor) visible on the phone, tap on the icon to get back in. If the software’s icon (Phone Monitor) is hidden, tap Phone icon and dial *#Activation Code as a call. For iPad, go to Notes, type *#Activation Code and tap on the top right icon to add this Note into the device to get back into the settings screen.


17B) Tap “Configure”. You will be able to set the visibility of Cydia and Phone Monitor (software) icons on the Target screen. For example: If you change Cydia Visibility from GREEN (visible) to GREY (invisible), Cydia icon will be hidden so the phone will look as if it has not been jail broken. If you have not hidden the software’s icon on the phone as instructed in step 15, you can do it here by changing “Phone Monitor” Visibility from GREEN (visible) to GREY (invisible).


17C) Below is the setting in case you would like to hide both Cydia and Phone Monitor icons.


18) If you choose to keep the software visible, you will see “Phone Monitor” icon on the screen and if you tap on it, you will see the software’s settings screen as shown below.


19) To get to the software’s settings screen after hiding the software’s icon (Phone Monitor), tap Phone icon and dial *#Activation Code as a call. For iPad, go to Notes, type *#Activation Code and tap on the top right icon to add this Note into the device to get back into the settings screen. You have now completed the installation process for BIBI SPY.