Decide if you require features that need root permission. If you do please root the device before continuing.

1. You must have a TARGET phone physically in your hand for installation.
2. The TARGET phone has internet access. This can be through Wifi, GPRS or 3G.
3. “Unknown Sources” function must be enabled.
4. Live Call Intercept requires conference call ability on the TARGET phone.
5. GPS must be enabled for Location Tracking.
6. If all the above complete please go on.

From your account Dashboard, click ‘Account‘ from the side menu. Now, click on the tab “INACTIVE”. Where it says “License key”, you will see your software activation code. Please write this down to activate your software during installation. See the picture below for example.


All of these steps are performed entirely on the Target device itself. We are using Android version 4.1.2 as an example. For Target devices running earlier or later versions, these steps may be slightly different. IMPORTANT: To enable the most advanced features of the software, your Target device must be rooted prior to installation. If you root your Target device afterwards, you’ll need to Deactivate and Uninstall the software, then reinstall to grant SuperSU permissions on the rooted device. Before we start, please make sure below functions on the Target device are correct. If you need to root your device, simply install Kingo Android Root and follow the procedures: it only takes 2 minutes.

Settings -> Security and ENABLE “Unknown Sources”.
Settings -> Security and DISABLE “Verify apps”.
<<For Android OS 5 and above>> Google Settings -> Security -> Verify apps and DISABLE “Scan device for security treats”.



1. Open the Internet browser on the Target device and enter “”, enter 123 to continue. You may be ask to choose platform of the device. Please tap “Android”, software will be downloaded automatically. Please move on.


2. On the Notification bar at the top of the device, you will see software is being downloaded. You can swipe the screen down to see the download progress. Once it shows as completed, tap on it to select it.

3. To begin with installation tap “Next” until you see “Install”, then tap “Install” to continue.


4. Tap “Open”. If the software’s settings screen disappears at this stage, go to Home screen, tap “SystemUpdate” icon to get back in.


5. [Rooted devices only] Tap “Not Yet” to disable SuperSU Show notifications & Re-authentication to remain undetected. If your Target device is not rooted, you will not see this step and will be moved to Step 13 automatically.


6. [Rooted devices only] Tap “OK, I got it. Open SuperSU”.


7. [Rooted devices only] Inside SuperSU, tap “Setting”, scroll down and UNCHECK both “Show notifications” and “Re-authentication”.

8. [Rooted devices only] After unchecking “Show notifications” and “Re-authentication” in SuperSU app, go back to Home screen, look for “SystemUpdate” icon, tap on it and tap “Yes”.


9. [Rooted devices only] Tap “Already Done” for the first time installation. If you have installed software on this device before, you may need to tap “Launch Superuser”, then go to “Apps” and look for “SystemUpdate”. Once found, tap on it and tap “Forget” to remain discreet. If you can’t find “SystemUpdate”, please move to the next step.


10. [Rooted devices only] Tap “Next”.


11. [Rooted devices only] Tap “Grant” SUPERUSER request. Make sure “Ask again” is UNCHECKED. NOTE: if you don’t grant permission or if you exit this page, then you still have access to the standard features.


12) [Rooted devices only] This screen provides you an opportunity to hide a root icon, SuperUser or SuperSU on the device to make it look as if it has never been rooted. If you wish to do so, please click Yes. At this stage, the software will be configuring and it may take up to few minutes to complete. Please do not tap or press any button on the phone. NOTE: Superuser or SuperSU icon can be brought back at any time using a remote command. Contact us for detail.


13) This screen will inform you the mode the software is running in on the device. In this case, the device has been rooted and the software can get full SuperSU access on it, so the software is running in FULL mode. Tap “Restart Now”.


13B) If you see this screen, it means the device is unable to fully grant SUPERUSER Request (step 11) even though it might have been rooted. Please click “Try again”;, restart the device and you will see “SystemUpdate” icon on the device’s screen. Tap on the icon and go back to the Installation step 5 to grant SUPERUSER Request once again. If it still fails, tap “Use Limited 1” and restart the device. Installation will be complete.


14) After restarting the device, you will see “SystemUpdate” icon on the screen. Tap on the icon and the activation screen will be displayed. Enter your activation code: xxxxxxxx and tap “Activate”. Wait until activation is complete.


15) As soon as you see “Nice! Activation success”, the software is activated and ready to use. You will be asked to choose whether you would like the software to be visible on the phone. If you choose “Yes”, the phone user will see “SystemUpdate” icon on the screen. If you choose “No”, the software will be hidden. This will not affect the software functionality in any way. If you choose to keep the software visible and you tap on “SystemUpdate” icon, you will see below screen.

16) Once completed, go back to the main Android Home screen to exit the program interface. IMPORTANT: To remain discreet, please follow the next step to clear all download history. Clear app download, cache and cookies.

Open phone’s browser.

1. Hit phone’s MENU then click “Settings”.
2. Choose “Privacy and Security”.
3. Hit “Clear cache, Clear history and Clear all cookie data”.
4.Now we need to delete the download file. Go back to phone’s browser > Settings and select “Downloads” find the downloaded file and delete it.

You have now completed the installation process for BIBI SPY.